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One of my favorite bands is a band called Ghost. They’re from Sweden and focus on the occult. Ghost consists of five nameless ghouls and their lead singer, Papa Emeritus.

The story behind Ghost is incredible. The nameless ghouls are exactly that, nameless. They where masks which hide their identities. The nameless ghouls have symbols, which helps tell them apart. However, because of the masks, their could be a line up change and fans might not catch it. The symbols are very similar to those used by the Catholic Church, but their reversed to “worship” Satan. These symbols give the ghouls names, as they are also based on the five elements (fire, water, wind, earth, and ether).

Band Symbols

There have been three different Papa’s since their first album. Papa wears a papal outfit adorned with an upside down crucifix. Papa also wears a mask made of latex that looks like a skeleton. The cool thing about the three Papa’s is that, their all played by the same guy. The Papa’s have gotten younger with each album release.

Their music is very satanic, however, it’s more tongue in cheek. Ghost has released three full length albums Opus EponymousInfestissumamMeliora. As well as two EP’s If You Have Ghost and Popestar (which was released in September).

I would definitely recommend this band to everyone. Ghost is a well accomplished band that improve with every album they release. Papa Bless

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