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Check this movie out.

Check this movie out.

A movie that I would recommend is a movie about one of the best franchises of all time. Star Wars. I first watched Star Wars when I was pretty young. The Star Wars films had a huge impact on my life. They helped me explore my imagination and fuel my desire to create. These films hold a special place in my heart, but this recommendation isn’t a review of those legendary films. This film is called Fanboys

Fanboys Movie Poster

Fanboys is a film in which five friends set off on a journey across the country to watch Star Wars Episode 1. That has been their master plan when they were kinds, but growing up Eric, played by Sam Huntington, wants to be more mature and works for his fathers used car dealership. His relationship with the rest of the group has dwindled since graduating high school. Until he learns that one of the members of the group Linus, played by Chris Marquette, is dying of cancer.

This news, coupled with not receiving a promotion at work, inspires him to carryout the gangs old plans.They decide to break into Skywalker Ranch so Linus cab watch Episode 1 before he passes away. Meeting many memorable characters along their journey, the movie is riddled with cameos and references to Star Wars. Members of the original Star Wars trilogy make their way into the movie, providing a hilarious tone to the movies sad plot. Characters from a rival franchise make their way into the movie as well.

If you’re a huge Star Wars fan like I am, you’ll probably like this movie. I can relate a lot to the group of friends in this movie. They remind me of how my group of friends were. The group reminds shows everyone how important Star Wars has become and the family it created.


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