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On Writing: King tips

On Writing: King tips


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Inspiration can be found all throughout this world. However, inspiration alone cannot create new life. Action and repetitious work is needed. It’s very troubling to read “there are lots of bad writers” as I sit here dreaming of becoming a writer. What if I fall under this curse? To be doomed before I can even begin is torture.

On Writing A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King, not only lays out the life of one of the most popular authors of our time, but gives ideas and instructions on how to improve your writing technique. Right out the gate King, drops the first dose of reality. Writing is not for everyone.

The one thing that any aspiring author should be doing, according to King, is reading. Fueling the brain train with stories strengthens your core writing abilities. Discovering new methods of writing by reading can help impact the thoughts stewing in your head. Understanding how your target audience can help with the success of your story. Since our cultures are constantly changing, you as an writer might have to do some tweaking yourself. Throughout King’s chapter on reading, the sheer bluntness of his words might dissuade someone from writing. But that is just not the case. He’s imploring you to read as often as you can in order to achieve the goals you want.

Now reading isn’t the only weapon in your arsenal of progress. You have the opportunity to achieve greatness through practice. Practice always makes perfect. King says that his practice schedule is to read and write for “four to six hours a day, everyday”. He understands life happens, but if you really want to do well, it needs to be done. King takes no excuses.

What sticks out to me the most about On Writing is that, writing is an art. You can’t become the next King over night. Practicing grammar, vocabulary, and structure you have to put all of your might for the purpose of fun. That feeling in your stomach when you know you’ve done something amazing. Writing for money is something that King sees as a waste of time. Never use your talents for evil. Never use your passion and patience to snuff out the flame.


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